About Sveaskog’s ecoparks – for nature and people An ecopark is a large, contiguous landscape with high biological and ecological values. Ecoparks are one of Sveaskog’s tools for working with nature conservation.

Their aim is to preserve, recreate and develop high natural values. At least half of the productive forest land is used for nature conservation. Wood production is conducted in most ecoparks but is adjusted to the natural surroundings and cultural conservation of the area. Ecological values always take precedence over financial values in ecoparks. At the same time, focus is placed on the significant role the forest plays in outdoor life and human well-being. Sveaskog is developing 36 ecoparks throughout the country. New parks will be added so visit Sveaskog for up to date information..

The focus of Ecopark Färna is broadleaf trees and the "Populus tremula", Asp, wich is common in the area. The combination of Populus and Picea Abies (Spruce) is interesting, Populus is a very large inhabitant.